August 2016
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Geography Game

geography gameEmily and Otis are playing a geography game and the winner is the person who gets the most questions right. Emily has gotten 6 questions right while Otis has only gotten 2 of them right, so Otis starts whining and says “Why am I not winning? I wanna win!” Emily tells him to chill out and focus on having fun, but nonetheless he keeps whining about how he’s not winning and that he wants to win. Momentarily, they land on the question “What is the capital of Taiwan?” and it’s Otis’ turn to ask the question.

Emily wants to make “pun” of him; how does she respond?


Ta-da!Add “ta” to the capital of Ecuador.

What do you end up with?

Thank you Emily for your submission!

Who am i?

Who am i?
1st clue: Im a friend, who am i?

2 clue: afraid but i always got his back, who am i?

More clues Will show up!

Who am I?

Thank you Marcus for your submission!

A Couple of Cars

A Couple of Cars
Two vehicles are involved in a car accident. Two separate ambulances come to the accident and take the passengers of each car to the hospital. Four people are admitted to the hospital, one dies. The next day four people are released from the hospital.

How did this happen?

Thank you Katie for your submission!

Gone for a Word

Gone for a wordNo matter the both ends of it are exchange it means all living creatures describe to its zenith.

What is it?

Thank you Therra for your submission!

Away from the One

Away from the one
If you put one away, you will be a saint. And if you combine the two and the one as its end, you’ll be hard as an ore?

What are you?

Thank you Therra for your submission!

Age of Man

Age of Man
No matter you get this “age of a man”. If you combine them, they will become a single verb of doing and action. And if you split it, it states two words of the living and birth.

What word am I?

Thank you Therra for your submission!

You can say Oh in this thing

You can say Oh in this thing
This thing make your head goes up and you can say “Oh” in the middle?

What is this?

Thank you Therra for your submission!

Split the word

Split the word
Split this word’s syllables and a man will say to you in any timeline that it shall create a bunch of phrases to tell.

What is this word?

Thank you Therra for your submission!

Letters into a 2 word

Letters into a 2 wordWe all believe that we can have 2 4-letter words with 2 same vowel and 2 consonants. If you invert the inner two letters, they are still the same one letter. And, if you invert the outer two same letters, they convey two things. One can be turn into a two beautiful shape and the other is really a waste and looks like a paste.

What are these two words?

Thank you Therra for your submission!