September 2017
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In the Light

In the Light
Although I have lights and a runway, it is said that a plane May Never Land here.

What am I?

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What is This About Width

What is This About WidthI’m longer than I am wide but I can be wider than I am long.

What am I?

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A Valuable Question

A Valuable QuestionWhat has a head and a tail but no body?

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Five and Two

Five and TwoLengths preceding deuce is pent.
Shakespeare’s conundrum am I.
Though loquacious sounds go on,
Dénouement portion is quick.

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Old Trafford

Old TraffordThere were two teams playing at Old Trafford. However, both teams have the same colour kit. Can you explain how a spectator can spot the difference between the two sides?

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José Mourinho would be scratching his head on this one.

Finding the Solution

Finding the Solution To learn my answers, you must study my clues.

Solutions appear when you examine me from different directions.

What am I?

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GreenThere was a bungalow. The TV was green, the couch was green, the Ruth was green, the floor was green, the walls were green. If everything is green what colour would the stairs be?

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What is greater than god, worse than the devil, and rich people need it.

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Numismatist Hands Out Cash

Numismatist Hands Out Cash

A numismatist decides to divide his coin collection between his children.

The eldest gets 1/2 of the collection, the next gets 1/4, the next gets 1/5, and the youngest gets the remaining 49 coins.

How many coins are in the collection?

Survivors of the Sinker

Survivors of the Sinker
Many years ago, a cruise liner sank in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The survivors luckily landed on a remote desert island.

There was enough food for the 220 people to last three weeks.

Six days later a rescue ship appeared, unluckily this ship also sank, leaving an additional 55 people stranded on the island to now share the original rationed food.

The food obviously had to be re-rationed, but everyone was now on one-half of the original ration, so how many days in total would the food last for, from the day of the original sinking?