July 2018
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Buggy Whips

Everyone has heard of companies that go out of business because they were trying to make buggy whips, which is a euphemism for ‘the technology surpassed them.’


Those that, in fact did make buggy whips, of course, went out of business. Not all, but 99.9% percent of them went out of business when cars […]

Man Overboard!

On a fine sunny day a ship was in the harbor. All of a sudden the ship began to sink. There was no storm and nothing was wrong with the ship yet it sank right in front of the spectators eyes. What caused the ship to sink?



Going to Grandma’s

Last week I decided to bicycle to my Grandmother’s house.

On the first day, I bicycled half of the distance.

On day 2, I bicycled one half of the remaining distance.

On day 3, I bicycled three quarters of the remaining distance.

On day 4, […]

Out of Gas

A man pushes his car up to a hotel, when he gets there he notices he’s bankrupt. How does he know?

What Hump?

“In qualifying for a camel trophy off-road race, potential drivers and their teammates were told that they had to traverse a course in as close a time as their partners without the use of timepieces, like clocks and watches, etc.


“For example, the first man of the two-man team would drive the course. Through […]



My father Max, at about age 65 still likes to mow his own lawn with a gasoline push mower (not self-propelled). He’s had the same mower for 20 years. About a year or so ago, he noticed that the mower was not getting very good gas mileage. The mower was using […]

Classic Car Riddle

What is it that we, for a long time, could rarely do with our cars and then we could, and now it would take you ten times longer to do it, if you could.

Five Wheel Car

Like a normal car, my new i10 has five wheels (two in front, two in rear plus a spare). The rear wheels of the car will wear out after 21,000 miles and the front wheels will wear out after 29,000 miles.

What is the maximum distance I can drive assuming replacing the tires is not […]

Grand Rapids to Chicago

A train leaves Chicago heading towards Grand Rapids travelling at 174 mph.

Exactly five minutes later, another train leaves Grand Rapids heading towards Chicago, travelling at 215 mph.

Chicago is 180 miles from Grand Rapids, MI.

Which train will be farther from Grand Rapids when they meet?

A Sailor’s Dilemma

In 1968, a British sailor named Robin Knox Johnston set off on an around-the-world race. He sailed from England down the Atlantic, around the coast of South Africa, past Australia, across the Pacific, round the bottom of South America, then back up the Atlantic to England. 30,000 miles in 313 days, becoming the first person […]