August 2018
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Cow Problem Month

In what month of the year do cows produce the least amount of milk overall?

Thanks Taylor for your submission!

Fine As Hair

Fine As Hair

What must be in the oven yet can not be baked? Grows in the heat yet shuns the light of day? What sinks in water but rises with air? Looks like skin but is fine as hair?

Many Apples

This is easier than counting jellybeans in a jar. How many apples grow on a tree?

Apples and Oranges

If you have three apples and four oranges in one hand and four apples and three oranges in the other hand, what do you have?

OMG Its Mom and Dad

You are awoken at 6 A.M. by a knock on your door. Your parents call you on your cell phone and let you know that they are there for breakfast. You are confused but quickly think of what food you have. You have bread, jam, butter, and eggs.

What do you open first?


Emperor’s Favorite Riddle

The sun bakes them The hand breaks them The foot treads on them The mouth tastes them

You Say Its Your Birthday

How many birthdays does the average man have?

Chocolate and Chocolates

Shahriar the shopkeeper sells 1 chocolate for 1$, and exchanges three wrappers for one chocolate.

If you have 15$, how many chocolates will you be able to get?

Thanks Shahriar for your submission!

The Most Delicious Potato in the World

We had the best potatoes for dinner I have ever tasted. Where do the biggest, most delicious potatoes grow?

Feeling Cold Yet?

A little pool with Two layers of wall One white and soft The other dark and hard Almost a grassy brown lawn

What am I?