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Wyoming Danger Hike

Wyoming Danger Hike

Joshua is leaving from a small town in Wyoming and hiking through the wilderness to a post where he will spend the summer. The hike will take Joshua six days. One man can only carry enough food and water for four days. Joshua cannot take a mule or any other animal to haul his food […]

Missing Booty

Missing Booty


A Japanese ship was sailing in the Pacific Ocean. The Japanese captain of the ship put his diamond chain and Rolex watch on a shelf, went to get a shower and returned ten minutes later. Now listen carefully, as I will only tell it once: When he returned, both the chain and the […]

A Farmer Has Three Fields

A farmer has three fields

A farmer has three fields. One of them has 3 bundles of hay, another has 4, and the last has 5. How many would he have in the first field if he combined all of them in that field?

Country and Capital Riddle

Country and Capital Riddle

There is a country and a capital that have the exact same amount of letters. The country and the capital have the same letters except each of them has one letter that is unique to them. However, the letters can be moved around in any order. What are the country and capital?

Thank you […]

Happy 4th of July

A girl went over to the U.S on the 4th of July and partied for 3 days and came back on the 4th of July . How did she do that ?

Hidden Country

Which country has been hidden in the paragraph below:

The local habitat around a railway track can be very interesting. For example, supporting the track is a sleeper, under which you can find the lesser spotted great owl.

A Sticky Riddle

What travels the world but only stays in a corner.

Thank you Jack for your great submission!

Mountain Men

Mountain Men

Three mountain climbers paid a lot of money to be the first to scale a mountain. After several days of climbing they finally reached the pinnacle, and to their dismay, found a cabin and three frozen bodies.

Since the mountain climbers were the first to ever climb the summit, how could this be possible?



In spring I am gay in handsome array, in summer more clothing I wear, when colder it grows I fling off my clothes, and in winter quite naked appear. What am I?

Roads Without Cars Riddle

Where will you find roads without cars, forests without trees and cities without houses?